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Deceased Members of the Mountain Lodge Park Fire Company

William Schenk

Hans Hensen

Abe Feuerstein

Edward Egen

Harry Sauvan

James Hance

Henry Rolufs

John McCormack

Louis D’Addezio

Joseph O’Brien

John Keeney

Irving Graf

Edward Tobin

Joseph Taylor

Frank Meyer

Karl Schultz

Frank Cook

Joseph Bielski

Vladimir Giglevitch

Lloyd Ward

Louis Klein

James J. (Bud) Daly Jr.

Theodore “Ted” Rolufs

Sal Amendola

Charles Mann Jr.

James Daly

Anthony G. Picucci

James A. Romito

Frank Rios

Alfonso Lopez

Jerry Sleight

Pete Low

Tommie McDuffie

Murray Kornberg

Thomas Pierce

Steve Klein

Paul Reiher

Pete Riegelhaupt

Hank Rolufs

Eli Reichbach

Wiliam Nolan

Salvatore Miraglia

Max Buttenmuller

Arthur Golden

Robert Rolufs

Max Lippman

Samuel Reichbach

Vincent D’Addezio

Joseph Cecchini

Michael Aquinas

Albert D’Addezio

Franz Mundshein

John Christina

James Holahan

Patrick Daly

Raoul St. Pierre

Ralph Cohen

Charles Henry

Herman Vohl

Andrew Hambrook

Al Moses

Albert Perri

Edson Eldridge

Henry Costy

William Holiday

Vincent Bugallo

Harold HesseF

rank Reale

Nicholas Langella

Moe Mostel

Dave Hattenbrun

William Mano

Sidney Rosenwasser

William Rosella

Frank Moran

Anthony Rosella

Vincent Morano

Joseph Ryan

Rudy Misicka

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