Life Members of  the Salisbury Mills Fire Company

Vinny Araneo

Joseph Bozich

Louis Cascino

William Caven

Dion Cestaro

Gerry Cimorelli

Steve Cruver

Hugh DeRobertis Jr.

James DeStaso

Gary Gaffney

Ken Gill

Paul Goodrich

Steve Hannigan

William Herter

Edward Johnson

Edward T. Johnson

Mark Johnson

Robert Johnson

Vincent Keller

Joseph Kennedy

George Knights

Martin Kroemer

Rick Lewis

James Loughran

James Marchie

James McCann

Edward McGuiness

Joseph Palazzolo James Randazzo Horst Rebmann

Joe Retcho

Lawrence Rossini Michael Ryan

Thomas E. Ryan

Harry J. Sauer Michael Schiraldi Richard Schiraldi Scott Schiraldi

Edwin Schrader

Paul Wall

George V. Wontz


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