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Popular Firefighting Links

Salisbury Mills Fire Department Facebook Fan Page
Become a fan of your local volunteer fire department!

In-service apparatus pictures from Orange County and surrounding counties.


Firefighter Close Calls
Think you have made some mistakes. Well learn from them and STAY SAFE! This well done site should be bookmarked and read often!


Firefighter Near Miss Reporting System

The National Fire Fighter Near-Miss Reporting System is a voluntary, confidential, non-punitive and secure reporting system with the goal of improving fire fighter safety.


Everyone Goes Home

A national program to prevent firefighter line-of-duty deaths and injuries.


National Fallen Firefighters Foundation

A non-profit organization that offers programs to honor U.S. fallen firefighters and assist their families.

Orange County Emergency Mgt.  Facebook Page

Follow Orange County's Emergency Management social networking page to keep up to date on all major incidents in our area!


Orange County New York Firefighters Museum

It's located in Montgomery, NY. The great history of the Fire Service in Orange County is preserved and on display here for all to see.

Up to date firefighting news, stories, and pictures from around the country!


Fire Corps - Citizens Helping Fire and EMS

Community members can make a difference for their local fire and EMS department. Fire Corps helps departments build more capacity by connecting them to community volunteers who can assist in a variety of non-emergency roles.



A Leading site dedicated to free scanner feeds from around the country! Includes Orange County, New York and also provides an updated written alert bar for major incidents in the county.

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