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Past Presidents of the Mountain Lodge Park Fire Company

1981-1982 James Quinn

1983- John Zupko

1984- Paul Reiher

1985- Patrick Earley

1986- John Doherty

1987-1989 Dennis Monahan

1990- Kevin Stewart

1991- Dennis Monahan

1992- Vincent Abenanti

1993- Frank Rios

1994- Robert Greenfield

1995- Charles Brant

1996-1998 Edward Godoy Jr.

1999- Dan Garica

2000-present Edward Godoy Jr.

1941-1945 William Schenk

1946-1947 Ted Christenson

1948-1951 Arthur Golden

1952-1954 Albert Perri

1955-1960 Charles Henry

1961- Tommie McDuffie

1962-1966 Charles Henry

1967-1969 Michael Aquinas

1970-1972 Lloyd Ward

1973- Doyle Thomas

1974- Lloyd Ward

1975-1976 Louis Klein

1976-1977 Frank Rios

1978- Vladimir Giglevitch

1979-1980 Fred Smith

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